About Us

About Us

A Little About OmniROUTER

The OmniRouter idea emerge five years ago. Despite paying for services, we were unable to enjoy our favorite website while traveling for business or leisure in countries with censors.

We did test VPN services that were often too slow,crowded and quite complicated to setup (except if you decide to pay a ridiculous amount for a dedicated server). Later we discovered DNS solution. Unfortunately this solution has a big safety issue ( all the internet inquiries that include as well credit card transactions are routed to foreign servers that are not secure at all. We didn't like the idea that credit card transactions for purchases or private e/mails run on unsecured servers,therefore we had to find a better solution.

After a few years, we build up our first MiniRouter and set it up on a several months trial with beta testers. Today we are please to announce the release of one of the best products ever for your travelling needs.

Get ready to experience a revolutionary way to watch your favorite websites on the go.

OmniRouter is part of Cytecorp SA - a Geneva-Switzerland based company founded in 2003. Cytecorp business objectives are:

  • Simple to use device
  • Avant-Garde and Unique system
  • Great design
  • Amazing features
  • Simplicity
  • Customer Satisfaction